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Overnight Collides Debut Album Is Not Your Typical Metal

Overnight Collides 2

After the initial guitar intro, what is strikingly apparent about Overnight Collides is the ‘collision’ of steamroller metal with the clear confident voice of Melissa Kay. This is not a conflict, but a fusion…
…a fusion which “strays from the ordinary to create something extraordinary“.

This is metal – no doubt about it – with Melissa’s machine-gun drumming, the distorted overdriven lead/rhythm guitar-work of Andrew Smith, and Scott Chamberlin’s 6-string bass. 6-string bass? In a metal band?
Not your typical metal from this Ottawa power-trio… not by a long shot.

There’s no growling testosterone-fueled juggernaut vocals spitting out lyrics of death, destruction, anger and apocalyptic horror. Rather, a ‘collision/fusion’ of Melissa’s clear confident voice singing of strength, defiance, resistance and to “just dream always” allied with this harnessed power of metal.

Overnight Collides is the coalescence of each members musical history and influences into a unique whole, like a fusion reactor creating one heavy nucleus from three separate ones, and in the process, generating the highly-charged kinetic energy evident in this album, as well as their live shows.

Melissa embodies this collision/fusion herself by combining power-drummer, which is traditionally the foundation ‘unseen’ background musician (…and more often than not, male), with female lead vocalist. Though her singing is forefront, this is a collaboration of equals inspiring and allowing each other to excel in their own natural chosen field.

No guitar-hero posturing here by Andrew, just solid driving rhythm work interspered with deliberate thoughtfully-composed solos which add to the overall theme of each song rather than overpower.

Scott’s 6-string bass-playing shifts between melodic and straight-ahead granite ground as necessary to the structure of each song, simultaneously supporting and injecting a complimentary stream to both guitar and drumset.

Overnight Collides 1

Lyrically, Overnight Collides is, again, not your typical metal. As I mentioned above, these are songs of strength and defiance in the face of odds, and even promise for the future or for hope, such as in the chorus of Inspire

Just dream always
Believe limits have no boundaries
Oh, dream always
When your eyes are wide open
There’s no end in sight

…or in Fallen Reigns, where an apocalyptic scenario is set…

A haunting scene beneath the sky hides the light
The dividing line between what’s right
Is torn before your eyes
The night is theirs to take
Defeat seals your fate
They will waste away, take away everything

…yet, you are roused to…

…Hold the line, stand and fight
There’s nowhere to run
There’s nowhere to hide
Stand and fight

Then, after the melodic-metal of Trials and the heavier high-speed of Inspire, Like You Mean It, and Fallen Reigns, Melissa, Andrew, and Scott surprise with the more subtle hard-rock Surrender. This composition modulates between a drifting lyrical flow and an uplifting intensity mirroring the over-powering feelings of ‘surrender’ to love when…

The first page in your fairy tale has just begun


We all hope to find our one true love.

Overnight Collides album cover

Overnight Collides, produced by Brian Lanese (of the band, Permanent Ability), is a strong, well-conceived debut album which showcases the talents of each individual and their dedication to the craft of music, but more importantly, this album embodies the collision, and subsequent fusion, of styles, emotions, and inspiration which may, at times, remind one of other bands or musicians, yet is truly uniquely their own…
…and not your typical metal.

Join Overnight Collides on Sat. May 3rd at their CD Release Party at Avant-Garde Bar ⇒

Purchase Overnight Collides debut album at cdbaby, at iTunes, and at Amazon.

Find Overnight Collides on their website, on Facebook, on Twitter, on SoundCloud, and on ReverbNation.

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